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Okay, so what makes UpForIt.

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Take the time to read this important evidence below. You don't need anymore evidence than we have provided. We even have them admitting all of their scams in their terms page. You know the truth now, it's your choice what to do. Something else to note is that this site is run by the same people operating UpForIt. Read the full review of GetAnAffair. Are you a victim of fraud? Our team of Licensed Online PI will help you find, locate and track down the scammer and help you recover your stolen funds.

We also offer Ethical Hacking services and online forensics to find out if your online lover's true identity. Our job is to make you have a good time online without having to look over your shoulder!! Wasn't on upforit for three days and figured it was fake. They actually billed me for an upgrade I didn't want.

It was on a prepaid card and they won't help. I keep contacting upforit and their just ignoring my messages. I'm I just beat? Fuck them i am going to take care of the servers and other things that they need to fuck up people in the face. All of these sites are […]. I' on upforit on my PC but it freezs up constantly. I paid for it.

Why can' I get the same on my phone incuded in the price? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. January 5, at 9: November 15, at There were also way too many guys. After you eventually find a real woman to chat with, good luck actually chatting with her.

Far too many guys waste their money on crappy dating sites. Invest your money more wisely and sign-up for SocialSex. Home How To Meet Women: On February 28, Don't wate your time with UpForIt.

In comparison with other dating sites this site falls short in almost everything. There are many phony profiles, there are few girls and the men are just overflowing in this site. If you want to get laid then choose a site with lesser competition. I absolutely believe that this is a scam site. I was chatting up with a girl on UpForIt. I have other accounts on other site when I saw the picture of this girl and noticed that she has a different name and on a different location.

There is no way that a site that offers too good to be true things is legit. This site is just absurd. There are other good dating sites out there that do not give wild promises to their members. This site is just exaggerating the things it can give its members. Clearly this is a scam site that wants to make money from its members. I wanted to try out sex dating sites but reviews I have read for UpForIt. Maybe some of these reviews are just overkill but the fact that people have complaints then it makes this site worthless.

I thought that this is a good hook up site given its rating is so high. However, I was dismayed that because the site did not live up to its rating. This is just a cheap site contented with scamming the members of the site. You need to dig deeper and be alert for each profile.

If you are not then you will likely get some fake profiles. I have nothing against sex personals site but this site just ticks me off. I mean, they charge me with their out of this world rates and I have not even received any messages from any of the girls on this site. This is just a waste of my time and money. Sadly the girls here are also scammers. Home How To Get Laid: Get Laid More Staff.

On September 12, It's a terrible website and we don't hold it dear. COM is dedicated to helping you hook up faster by providing a guide to getting laid online and reviews of the best sex dating sites. Walker Fargloom October 20, at Luther October 20, at Circus Panda October 26, at 2: Larry October 29, at 1: Burt Bard November 1, at 4: El Serpent November 4, at 8: Hershel November 7, at 4: Angry Mutant November 10, at Loyd November 13, at 9: Whitney Treeby November 16, at Ugly Rusty Saint November 19, at 7: Omar November 22, at Review: Our Final Word

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